Friday, March 16, 2012

Karaoke Time

Arezou and Sam are my favorite ladies. They're doing some Ice Cube and they're really good at it.

A Taste of A Jesus Jam

Amanda and Kamala Hate On People

This one is way too long, but I don't feel like editing it. We're harsh, but we also like people, that's the lesson learned.

Amanda and Kamala Talk Bathroom Spaces

You might have wished that you had been in Amsterdam with myself and Amanda. Allow me to give you a small taste of what that might have been like with this discussion about our bathroom at the Coco Mama hostel. You might change your mind about what you did or didn't miss.

My New Glasses

I got these frames at a hip store in Paris with Amanda. We spent a long time shopping there and then I wrote a diddy about it.

The girl at the glasses store stared hard into my face, or at least this is what I imagined. The truth was that I couldn't see a thing, but had been shopping for glasses for so many years that I could easily walk around behaving like I thought a seeing version of me might.

Her eyes were dark brown and her patterned scarf hung, bunched in exactly the right places. This I knew from memory. As I saw the light of her face turn, the shadow of eyes becoming a thoughtful dark squinch, she touched my arm, "I prefer the other."

I put on the other frames, pretending to hold her gaze, something I've been told makes me look cross-eyed. "These?" I asked, watching the gesture, a ghost of a smile, cross her lips.

I slipped my real glasses back on and found her beauty, in the sharp clarity of my rain speckled lenses, too much to look at directly. "I'll buy these," I said, folding the frames, averting my eyes, wondering how it might be if I only saw poorly all the time.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Laser Light Show

Thanks to this blog, Auntie got me a fantastic laser light machine for Christmas! I played around a bit with it last night. I'm going to need to practice so I can figure out exactly how all the lenses, holographic settings and speeds work, but I'm looking forward to experiments. Also, it greatly enhances the already pretty lovely experience of laying in bed and listening to music. Some Phil Collins remix came on last night and it was pretty incredible, have a listen:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just A Regular Riverside Saturday

This morning I decided to walk to the farmers' market and buy some nectarines. I mostly wanted a reason to listen to the new Rihanna song on repeat, but this worked for that. Anyway, I got the nectarines and also these nice flowers for myself (I'm still dating myself, btw). But the best part was that I was pleasantly surprised to run into a taiko performance in the middle of the street, paired with some kind of street fair with booths featuring craft projects attached to different countries, and then the topper: as I walked through the pedestrian fountain walk area, there was a middle school aged kid set up on the side with a boombox and a sax, playing the James Bond theme song. Not well. But proudly.